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When will my first appointment be?

Some patients prefer to see Jenny our midwife early in their pregnancy and then see Dr Harris later at 9- 10 weeks.

Most patients prefer to see both Jenny our midwife and Dr Harris at the same appointment at 9-10 weeks.

In this case you need to allow at least 1 hour.

If you have a concern and would like your Dr appointment earlier than 9- 10 weeks please let us know.

Can I bring my other children to my visits?

Other siblings are welcome at all visits, we enjoy having them and have toys available.

Medicare safety net

Individuals are automatically registered for the Medicare Safety Net. If you want to register for the Safety Net as a couple or family you will need to contact Medicare. Being registered as a couple or family means that if your spouse or children also have out of pocket medical expenses then these will contribute to the one safely net. Please visit for more information.

The 30 week pregnancy management fee (PMF)

This fee is charged by all Obstetricians but if you would prefer the fee to be spread across your visits please let us know.

It reimburses the Obstetrician for providing 24/7 cover and the disruption to their own lives and the lives of their family that this causes. It also Recognises the high costs of a medical practice, in particular the very high insurance premiums.

Some overseas private health funds will reimburse you a percentage or all of the PMF. It may be worthwhile checking with your fund.

If you have not reached the Medicare safety net when paying the PMF, you are still eligible for a rebate. If you have reached the safely net you will receive more. It is therefore best to ask Medicare what are eligible to receive as every patient is different.


Our fees are structured so that your pregnancy care with us is both affordable and predictable.

We strive to keep your personal out-of-pocket payments to a minimum. If you shop around and compare, we are sure that you will be delighted with our fees.

If you have seen Dr Harris for a pregnancy before and you have any special personal financial considerations please let us know so we can work out a special fee consideration.

You will be e-mailed written financial information prior to your first visit so you can financially plan for your pregnancy care. We are open to making an individual payment plan for you so you can spread out of pocket costs throughout the course of your pregnancy.

Visits in the office are partially covered by Medicare and in many cases, the Medicare Safety Net. We offer Medicare electronic claiming facilities.

We also have gap cover arrangements with health funds so we bill your fund directly for your delivery and postnatal care in hospital.

Any hospital visits that are required by Dr Harris while you are pregnant will also be billed directly to your fund with no expense to yourself.

If you need an iron infusion at GPH there will be no out-of-pocket expense from Dr Harris.

Ultrasounds are performed at every visit and are bulk-billed, including a dating Ultrasound at your first visit.

We are able to organize the much more comprehensive NIPT "Percept" test for approx. the same cost as a "Harmony" test to our patients.

We offer extra bulk-billed visits for reassurance / education / concerns during your pregnancy.

All phone consultations are bulk-billed.

Jenny our midwife provides free Whooping Cough and Flu Vaccinations.

You are also offered extra bulk-billed visits post-delivery with our midwife/ lactation consultant. You may book as many of these as you wish.

Please phone or email our friendly receptionists if you have any further questions regarding our fees.

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